Employment statistics prove positive for social workers

Social work is a growing profession, as demand for qualified professionals grows. If you are considering becoming a social worker, there are a number of things to consider, both in terms of personal interests, as well as training and qualifications for a successful career.

The field of human welfare or social work has several specific specializations which include mainly children, families, education, public health, physical and psychological well-being and drug addiction. It has been seen that the scale of employment prospects related to social welfare has only increased over the years, this has even been validated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that a social worker had around 642,000 jobs on hand back in 2008. The graph has clearly been exacerbated at this time.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Because the majority of individuals working in social improvement circles have some concerns about the industry they want to be associated with, it has even been evaluated that around 54% of individuals then work in the health and human welfare industry, while the remaining 31% work in government-sponsored institutions at various levels . With all reports of job opportunities available for people working in social development continuum, it explicitly shows that job prospects are not dark, when it comes to finding a stable and financially secure professional career.

The nature of professions such as social welfare services is such that employees are assigned to work in cities and in suburban areas. It is expected that social welfare employees will find work in rural areas, as a space to show their professional concerns and broader skills compared to urban areas, which are already sufficiently developed. This shows that social welfare is a profession, which comes with many responsibilities and challenges.

A History of Social Work in Public Health

Previously, it was believed that not all areas of social improvement specialists developed in terms of job opportunities, and not all offered the same amount of professional job security. However, today, all fields of social work increase employment opportunities, especially by private social welfare organizations. In fact, the increase in jobs in this industry has been around 22% which is promising. This is likely to increase with time due to an aging boomer child population who will, over a span of time, demand for better health and social services.

Apart from physical stability, mental & psychological stability and drug addiction are areas that quickly add job prospects. A 20% increase has also been predicted by specialists because there will be a strong demand for services to fight the worsening situation.

Last but not the least, children and families together with education are areas that are actually superior to areas in the field of human welfare and improvement. In order to bring about change, an anchor lies in the hands of social services, adding protection for children and their families, while at the same time, emphasizing the local prevalence of education is what will incite the scale of progressive development in society. Some specific areas are outlined in showing areas that can be explored by employees’ social welfare to bring about progressive change in society.

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