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Community services have been integrated in school life as additional assistance for students to get success in their studies and school environment relations.

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For every student, school can be a perfect arrangement for them to develop intellectually and emotionally in their important formative years. Apart from syllabus-oriented education they learn a lot about all topics, which only accelerates their development. And one important component that will also help in student development is community service.

This thesis will discuss how community services are an important part of students ‘education’ must be encouraged by schools, and it is important whether students are really interested in doing so. That is, do they do community service because of coercion or right with belief? And how schools with the help of students can affect the lives of many people in a positive way through community service. Students can do this service perfectly. In fact, schools and their administrators can play their part by inoculating the spirit of community service to students, by making it part of the student curriculum. Many schools and institutions of higher education in the United States are followers of this concept.

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This kind of compulsive service certainly has a positive spin because even though students do it as part of the curriculum it affects the lives of people which is very useful. But on the other hand, the coercive process comes, because, students lack interest in community service. That is, in addition to being burdened with academic material, they are satisfied by sports, entertainment, street groups, etc. So they show the least concern for public services and the general public in distress. But all students cannot be categorized as such because there are students who perform community service with confidence.

But they may have to face another obstacle namely, the deadline. Become students at the school they need to fulfill their academic work to be successful in their lives. So, to achieve success and a stable life, they have no other choice but to concentrate on exams, projects etc. So academic activities will definitely limit students’ wise time for community service. This being the truth, students can certainly squeeze in the time they have in between, for community service. So schools must encourage service-minded students.

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