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An intense Indiano week

SIP-NERLast week, we published exceptionally little on Correo de las Indias. The most important thing, without a doubt, was a discreet post by Juan that deserves to be read, because it founds the first Political Theory of the Commons, which is to say, it gives us a methodological argument to export to almost any field of administration of public goods everything that Ostrom started to systematize about common lands, opening the door to bringing tools of the logic of abundance into the terrain of scarcity. Interestingly and remarkably, confederalism and the adjustment to new optimal scales, obviously smaller than those of established power, go hand in hand in proposal that fits naturally with everything we’ve learned about the transition to the P2P mode of production.

In terms of doing, the week has been no less intense. We’re taking very encouraging steps on all fronts, beginning with the Fondaki project, which is closer and closer to being formalized and beginning work like SIP-NER. Our project to develop tourism is moving ahead with no less drive, making contacts and begining conversations.

This was also the week Feevy announced its closing, and the conclusions were evident about the meaning of the crisis for the hegemonic (so far) approach to working in networks:

Many web services will close, creating a high cost for tens of thousands if not millions of people. Only those based on free software will be able to stand back up, though not without effort. Distributed tools will survive with no trouble.

This view also informs the debate about the strategies of the Mozilla Foundation and created lessons to understand the alternatives, given the collapse of the center in the Esperanto movement. This movement has certainly been pleased with our adoption of Esperanto as the Indiano work language, a decision that has become visible in the Indianopedia and in the creation of our own content, written directly in Esperanto on la Indiana Kuriero.

This has been an intense summer, and all indications promise that the rest will be even more so.

Translated by Steve Herrick of from the original (in Spanish)

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