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Thinking about licensing ~ 5 ~ 0 ~ Oct 2015

In essence, the problem is that Creative Commons allows people to grant others freedom, but with very specific and often mutually exclusive conditions. And that’s only sort of freedom.

Una vida interesante: preguntas y respuestas ~ 5 ~ 0 ~ Ene 2014

Una vida interesante no está lejos, en tierras exóticas, tampoco va a ocurrir el fin de semana que viene. Está aquí mismo, ahora mismo, esperándonos. No requiere títulos superiores, ni grandes capitales, ni siquiera mucho tiempo libre. Basta con una mente alerta.

An interesting life: questions and answers ~ 2 ~ 0 ~ Ene 2014

An interesting life is not far away in exotic lands, nor is it going to happen next weekend. It’s right here, right now, waiting for us. It doesn’t require advanced degrees, or vast wealth, or even a lot of spare time. All it requires is an alert mind.

A word from your translator ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Mar 2013

We know you’re interested in content from other languages, or you wouldn’t be reading this now. Now we’d like to know more about you.

Seeking feedback ~ 9 ~ 0 ~ Dic 2012

English-speakers, I need to hear from you. There is a thriving cooperative movement in Spain and throughout Latin America. In the English-speaking world, and in the US particularly, we hear nothing about it (apart from Mondragon). Some members of my co-op want to remedy this situation. This would likely take the form of an e-book […]

Buscando retroalimentación sobre la traducción ~ 2 ~ 0 ~

¿Qué pensáis los lectores? Hay un movimiento cooperativista vigoroso tanto en España como a lo largo de Latinoamérica. El mundo de habla inglesa, y EEUU en particular, lo desconoce (con la excepción de Mondragón). Algunos miembros de mi cooperativa (ubicada en EEUU) quiesieramos cambiar eso. Pensamos hacerlo en la forma de un e-libro con unos […]

Flattr us! ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2012

On the advice of a reader, Evan, we’re beginning to integrate Flattr buttons into this site. Flattr lets you make online donations to sites you want to support — see the site for more details. The first page we’ve put a button on is the English version of the Indiano Manifesto. All contributions will go […]

Esperanto as free software: David’s presentation at TEDxMadrid ~ 5 ~ 0 ~ Sep 2012

And because the medium is the message, he does the entire presentation in Esperanto…

Announcing the translation into English of “The P2P mode of production: An Indiano Manifesto” ~ 5 ~ 0 ~ Sep 2012

Published under the Public Domain, freely downloadable in HTML, epub or PDF, “The P2P Mode of Production: An Indiano Manifesto” is the first collective Indiano work translated into English.