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The Book of Abundance el libro de la comunidad

Natalia FernándezAbundance is more than an old subversive dream of our species, it is already a material horizon. Thinking abundance, creating it, enjoying it, embrace a new ethics and a new way of living, is close at hand. Only with this bases commons and community have a real sense. Only from this point we can believe again in progress.
Natalia Fernández

After reading «The Book of Abundance»

juan_urrutiait is only now that they (the hackers) and I (the old professor) can face the intellectual challenge of building up a new basic model of the workings of the economy build upon, not the I, but the «WE».
Juan Urrutia

Richard Stallman
I think we might eventually reach a society of abundance.
I hope we do.
Richard Stallman

Not only a considerable amount of good readings, but also an astonishing quality explaining how contemporary society is configured by networks.
Daniel Cotillas

It is not just a theoretical exercise on waht could be or could be dreamt, but an exhaustive essay on what, how, when and why we can follow the path towards abundance.
Pablo Bernardo

After reading «The book of Community»

This is surely the best $2.99 I ever invested in a book on community.
Wonderful level of erudition, and excellently readable.
Michael Linton

daniel bellonTo understand the deep keys of «The book of Community» you have to understand the libertarian roots of las Indias. I mean «libertarian» in its most radical meaning: the liberation of those agile and light chains what oppress our way of thinking suffocating it with clichés, untouchable principles and colored flapping flags. Their thoughts are sustained by a practice checked against reality and confronted with the exigence of the survival of their members as free individuals but also as a real community inside the market.
Daniel Bellón

Enjoy the good literature and the pragmatical philosophy of las Indias.
Hiram Crespo

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The book of Community Steve Herrick Public Domain Formato epub PDF kindle

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