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Christmas is when a new world begins

Tonight, this year, Christmas is, perhaps a bit more than usual, a special and particularly valuable moment, because Christmas is when a new world begins.

mirando el futuroWhen the time arrives to come together to celebrate the winter Solstice, the Nativity of the Lord, or the birth of Mithra, when we prepare to send congratulations and good wishes by letter, e-mail, or instant messaging, we inadvertently make a balance, an update of the “database” of the nodes of our year: How some of the bonds have strengthened or weakened, how new friends have emerged, or how the connections with others that we had temporarily lost have regained their strength.

día de la ancovoligo gijónThis year in las Indias this exercise was very special. 2014 has been a year of discoveries and rediscoveries. It all started with our search for an interesting life, a search responding to the need to confront the discourses of irresponsibility, and to better appreciate the value of the “ethos” that makes possible the autonomy and individual initiative without which there is no prospect of community or change. As Alan wrote in last year’s editorial, we were aiming for:

looking into the past in order to rescue ways of living that inspire questions whose answers sow the seeds of conversation in our environment.

Thus we stumbled onto Gionvanni Vella and his invention of the anchovy as we know it. A story of love, adventure, and travel, whose moral was clear: exchange, the floating population, roads, and routes, either for trade or pilgrimage, are the real articulators of growth and progress.

nealFrom the “ethos,” the celebration of a way of being, we were transitioning towards finding ways of doing. And indeed, that post was the birth of the Anĉovoligo, a project that, by definition, had to come from the union of many. So we started to travel, to meet new people, and rebuilding our connection with those we already knew. It was a beautiful itinerary that took us from Paris to Murcia, from Bordeaux to Tarragona, from Bilbao to Coruña, from Gdansk to Toulusse, from Rio de Janeiro to Tbilisi. Always cities, never countries. And at the center of the new road was Gijón, where we found those who felt Gionvanni Vella’s curiosity and concern, and wanted to share the excitement of building a new world.

Among those new connections we now have once more large organizations as consulting customers, with whom we have spent much time and have learned a lot. But the new knowledge is coming to us from new places.

New views for a new year

Paul BlundellIn the process of carrying out a critical gaze “inward,” Paul’s visit allowed us to discover a whole world of egalitarian communities in which we find many of our own experiences reflected. This new line of work was soon complemented by the work and hours of conversation with Bié and Diana, who gave us new clues to understand what they call the “community experience.”

Still more important for our view of the market and the world, the Anĉovoligo made us start to rethink the relationship between collaborative consumption, direct economy, and p2p production. The latter has been (and is being) a big step, because as always, we the Indianos always experience firsthand before proposing anything to anyone else, and the jump into new scales and activities implies having to learn and experiment more than ever.

Towards a new world

arbuinoSo starting today, the subtitle of the blog will change in all our pages from “An interesting life” to “Towards a new world,” because our next year will be spent exploring the new world of production that we are just starting to figure out.

We are on Christmas Eve. The day in which the Sun itself teaches us what resilience is all about. Out there, in the increasing cold of a society with more than a few symptoms of decay, there are also signs and movements in the background that aim for change. A change that will be productive and give new prominence to the community, or simply won’t be. That’s why tonight, this year, Christmas is, perhaps a bit more than usual, a special and particularly valuable moment, because Christmas is when a new world begins.

Translated by Alan Furth from the original in Spanish.

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