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El Correo de las Indias is “an interesting life”

For the first time in more than eleven years, the oldest corporate blog in the world will have a professional director. The Library of the Indies will finance the effort.

Alan Furth will direct “El Correo de las Indias”

alan-furthToday, this blog premieres much more a few minor changes in the template. Beginning today, and for the first time since it started more than eleven years ago, it will have a professional director, Alan Furth, who will be in charge of coordinating and editing Indianos and guest bloggers to accomplish its new mission:

to open conversations, generate ideas, and develop thoughts that serve you in your efforts to make your life an interesting life.

Where does all this come from?

Almost a year ago, Juan Urrutia opened a debate that would give the early shape to the idea of “an interesting life” as an ethical narrative. That idea brought us closer to Alan’s minimalist focus, but also generated a delightful conversation with Javier, which, in turn, led our partner and old friend Marcelo Lewin to suggest the idea of developing the concept further, towards a true “personal development program” that would start with its own blog. And so, in September of 2013, was born under Javier’s direction. Its principal objective: to project the values of personal autonomy and the passion for learning, in a more accessible and regular way than its “older brother,” El Correo de las Indias.

What we learned

una vida interesanteFor almost a month, unavidainteresante, tried out a path on which we learned more than a few things. In the first place, that the concept, more than any other, identified to our readers the values that we had been projecting in our posts for more than a decade. Secondly, that we needed to apply our narrative to ourselves, and, once and for all, face the change in the way we write that many of you have asked for: to communicate more directly, to stop writing for long-time readers, and to do so with more regularity.

And we started working: first, updating and integrating the Indianopedia into the blog and then debating among ourselves until we reached the conclusion that it didn’t make sense to maintain “two faces”: El Correo de las Indias is, and must do a better job representing, the task and the thought that make up the Indiano ideal of an interesting life.

A bet that we take very seriously

The new stage required a new outlook and professional dedication, and no one could do better than Alan, the disseminator of existential minimalism and one of the main writers for the C4SS in Spanish, at directing the blog with these objectives. Financial support from the the Library of the Indies makes it possible, and beginning today, Alan will coordinate both us Indianos and the people we invite to present new topics, will publish as one of the writers, and above all, will help us give meaning and coherence to what has been published, without losing the diversity of a community whose main capital is born of the freedom of its members and the wealth of their conversations.

The new stage also opens with small changes to the masthead and layout: you’ll be able to read us better on a tablet or cellphone. But, above all, through this blog, from now on, you’ll be able to peek much more comfortably into a world of actions and thoughts dedicated to sharing with you the search for an interesting life.

Translated by Steve Herrick from the original (in Spanish)

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