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fraternitasBy fraternity we mean the relationship and the bond established in a community based on the “pleasure of being together”; therefore, it involves the development of a certain deliberation and is materialized in the recognition of a common identity.

Two opposing views

Historically, the idea of fraternity has had two opposing foundations: the Aristotelian-metaphysical, which defines fraternity as a feeling of empathy based on the common features of an imagined community, and the Epicurean, according to which it was a form of friendship, the product of a shared experience, and therefore an interpersonal relationship that could only live in real communities.

Interestingly, it is not from the Aristotelian view, but from the Epicurean-communitarian view, that the term was transferred into political language. Back then, it expressed the social aspirations of the first democratic cities, and the development of a new class of freemen formed by merchants and artisans.

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