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It’s curious: the difference in goals and happiness between those of us who have bet on a a lifestyle and work based on the hacker ethic and those who are remain salaried looks a lot like the contrast between the richest 1% of U.S. citizens and the other 99%. What’s the key? Security. For many years, we were taught that security, the basis of a life without economic worries (something highly valued after the hunger and shortages of post-war Spain and Europe) was achieved with an indefinite labor contract with the State or Big Business. It hardly mattered that by that time, the scale of the State and Big Business was already the cause of the precariousness in the first place. Culture takes time to adapt to economic changes. Now that these scales have led to the European disaster, culture will have to find a new definition of security. I propose a simple one: security is having autonomy, having your destiny depend first on your skills and the cohesion of your community, rather than on the abilities and strategies of bosses that you didn’t choose, who work in structures you didn’t help define, which only serve to to generate (or capture) economic rents for other people. We common people will have not only more freedom, but also security by grouping ourselves into small productive communities connected by a network than we will leaving our present and future well-being in the hands of the state and corporations. Utopian? Take a look around the corner. //Translated by Steve Herrick of from the original (in Spanish)

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