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Meanwhile, in Bilbao…

The development of our relationship with the people who do NER [the New Style of Relationships] and its projects (the gbe-NER group) is beginning to bear wonderous fruits, starting with Fondaki and Lur Bidea. Collaboration with social entities like Etorkintza and the upcoming move by the “Indianos” set the agenda for the next several weeks.

All day today, Fondaki-SIP-NER will debut its page, after a long incubation and 125 Resiliencias, our daily summary of the news of the world, which will move and cease to appear on El Correo de las Indias. It’s excellent news: the seed we started caring for more than two years ago is bearing fruit in the form of an excellent team of five people who dedicate each morning to organizing public sources of information from around the world.

They’re not alone: eight projects of the NER will become formalized this Friday in the shareholder structure, and next week, we will publicly present Lur-Bidea, a local development project based on competitive substitution of imports. And the key word is competitive: if there’s a city or town where things that businesses are importing today can be produced at the same cost, or even cheaper, and at the same or better quality, why not make a collective effort to begin producing them and creating jobs? Experiences like that of our friends at the Evergreen Cooperative Group, who have helped us and generously provided ideas and advice, confirm the tremendous potential impact of a project like this.

But, we “Indianos” will now focus not only on Fondaki, which will still need us for a while, but also on definitively starting up Gaman as a non-profit cooperative dedicated to the development of free software for the small and medium business community so it can, at a minimal cost, incorporate innovation and participatory methodologies in the middle of the crisis. Once again, the logic and style of the NER and the generosity of the people who do it, will be key to focusing the idea and making it — if appropriate — into a piece of a wider strategy of generating wealth, work, and activity in the real productive community.

With our leanings towards the third sector [civil society], we’ve spent a couple of months working on a couple of projects with Etorkintza aimed at the internationalization of their experience and the development of new activities at the local level. And to top it off, next week… moving. We’re leaving our base on Iturribide, where we originally arrived to prepare the first Garum Day, in the historical center of Bilbao, to go to Gran Vía.

Translated from the original (in Spanish) by Steve Herrick

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