Conquistar el trabajo es reconquistar la vida

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Making Community

comunidades-eeuuA series of short posts trying to translate to everyday’s life the lessons of communalism and kibbutz history. Its goal is to share practical ideas useful for any kind of community: families, work place communities, cooperatives, associations or group of friends.

How to build your community experience ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Feb 2016

Six basic ideas and a practical and concrete experience that’s very close to us.

Experiential Egalitarism ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Feb 2016

Build experiential equality is, at the end, the true meaning of “making community”.

How to change “people aren’t united” ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Feb 2016

Are people not united? Do they distrust each other? You don’t need courses, you need causes. You don’t need deep, emotional introspection, you need to distribute responsibilities and get to work.

The first three steps towards “making community” in your surroundings ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Mar 2016

Do you want to “make community” in your surroundings? The first three steps are simple… but have surprising results.

Work, not consumption ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Mar 2016

If we want to improve ourselves and improve the world, consumption isn’t what empowers us. Only the conquest of work can do it.

On Diversity ~ 37 ~ 0 ~ Jun 2016

The kind of diversity many of you are concerned about, even looking for, sex, sexual orientation, race, etc. will come by itself, but probably not to every community, but to the network we must build together.

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