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The Art of playing Go

How Go became the favorite game of anarchists and libertarians ~ 5 ~ 59 ~ Feb 2014

A game where the goal is to “earn liberties,” and where building a space of one’s own is more useful than seeking confrontation with the adversary, had to appeal to libertarians of every stripe. But beyond the metaphors, the story of the arrival of Go in the libertarian world reveals unsuspected connections between some of the great intellectual figures of the twentieth century.

Reason against force ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Feb 2014

The supposed development of Artificial Intelligence during the Cold War was really about an expression of a voracious and destructive raison d’etat that left hundreds of thousands of victims across the planet. This is the story of how chess was destroyed by the shock wave of Hiroshima and how Go, thanks to its anti-essentialist logic more than its combinatorial logic, remains untouched until today.

Why does Bill Gates want to be a better Go player? ~ 5 ~ 234 ~ Mar 2014

The birth of videogames and Apple’s first steps, free software’s first steps, and even the platforms that allowed for the organization of tens of thousands of volunteers for the earthquake in Haiti, all have something in common: their creators cited Go as a source of personal inspiration and related it to their form of innovating and thinking. What good is Go to those who change the world?

Was Go played in ancient Europe? ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ Abr 2014

Why are European archaeological museums full of boards similar to Go boards? Did the oldest game first reach the West in antiquity?

Russia’s new game board ~ 2 ~ 0 ~ May 2014

This is the story of a Russian generation, told as if one were sitting in front of a game board. Because as much as Russia has indeed come back to the world’s geostrategic game, the game being played no longer develops over a chess board – it does so over a goban.

Creoles, migrants and nomads ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ Jun 2014

Go reached South America with the first Asian collectives. A century later, it is no longer an exotic game among us, but it still maintains the traveling spirit of the nomad and the generosity of mutual support among migrants.

Esperanto and Go ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ Sep 2014

A brief history of the relationship between two lovely free cultural tools, ready for those who want to use them to build our own meanings.

For elites only? ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ Oct 2014

The association of Go with the Anglo-Saxon intellectual and economic elite hasn’t favored the game in the West. But now, in China, a new generation of parents uses the game to redefine the elite class they want for their society, and to which they want their children to belong.

When Go moved to the Internet ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2014

A short history, based on interviews with the protagonists, of how Go arrrived to the Internet, and how the Internet forever changed the world of Go

Why you should take Go to your kids’ school ~ 0 ~ 1 ~ Nov 2014

Go is becoming a phenomenon in American schools. Scientists suggest that it improves children’s intellectual development and “executive function,” while pedagogues say it reduces violence and frustration. But it also offers something even more valuable than that.

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