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The community experience

Community and happiness ~ 2 ~ 0 ~ Jul 2014

Alain de Botton and the followers of atheism 2.0 proposes that Epicurean communitarianism is based on its founder’s minimalist definition of happiness.

Learning about community and work with Adler ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Ago 2014

Few contemporary authors have been able to rescue the classical inheritance with the finesse and the originality of Adler. His is a story from which we can learn a lot about how the practice of cooperation and contribution can help us to develop a individual and community “ethos” that empowers each and every one of us in the real communities in which we live our lives.

A very brief history of the meaning of “community” ~ 5 ~ 0 ~ Dic 2014

“Community” is now one of those words that arouse an emotional and positive consensus. But it is relevant to ask ourselves, when two people use it in the same conversation, whether they really mean the same thing.

Band of Brothers and the sense of belonging ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ Dic 2014

The “Easy” Company, who fought in World War II, had 162 men who became brothers. That emotional bond saved many of their lives by turning independent individuals into a cohesive whole.

People or landscapes ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Ene 2015

To leave the city, with the randomness of its common spaces and its neighbors, to build a fiction with people you decide to treat as equals because of their similar taste in pools or bricks, is less than a tourist experience, and is very different from projects between people who want to create alternative realities.

Epicurus and Kinkade ~ 7 ~ 1 ~ Ene 2015

Could American egalitarianism discover interesting ideas in Epicurean communitarian traditions?

«Selling out» is a misnomer: How communities are transformed from making the sale ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ Ene 2015

A small or medium enterprise, a family business, a community that starts producing, needs to secure as soon possible a diverse client base, but selling is also a true test that challenges everyones’s moral fiber.

Community and abundance ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ Feb 2015

To gain ground against scarcity, build abundance and therefore continuously enlarge the material base of personal decision-space is the objective of the economic activity of an egalitarian community that works.

On the “naturalness” of the commons and the self-interested invention of the cult of Elinor Ostrom ~ 2 ~ 0 ~ Mar 2015

Why so much sudden love for Ostrom? Did people really think before that the commons was impossible? Wasn’t the countryside full of communal lands and herds?

«The book of community» in English ~ 3 ~ 1 ~ May 2015

Our community experience in a downloadable Kindle ebook written by the whole team of las Indias and translated by Steve Herrick.

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