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The Foundations of Abundance

OuishareFest 2015: Interview with Juan Urrutia ~ 3 ~ 0 ~ May 2015

Thursday, May 31, 2015. In the Circus of the Cabaret Sauvage, David de Ugarte interviewed Juan Urrutia during the OuiShareFest 2015. A rare and rich document explaining the foundations of a 20 years effort to create an Economics of Abundance.

The “why” of everything in just over 1000 words ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Jun 2015

A post dedicated to setting down in black and white the great conceptual frameworks within which we understand the world.

The economic foundations of abundance ~ 2 ~ 0 ~ Jun 2015

An approach to the concept of abundance and the elements that make it more possible and closer today than ever before in the history of our species.

Abundance is the end of divisions in production ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Jun 2015

A society of abundance is a society in which productivity is not separate from research, conversation and knowledge, as if they were different worlds, and knowledge itself is not divided into professional and mercantile knowledge. It is a society where community is directly productive, without divisions.

Sharing is a glimpse of abundance ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Jun 2015

Collaborative consumption should be understood, above all and beyond increases in efficiency in consumption, as an element of cultural change, as the experience of a possible world… which, however, is being decided upon and built somewhere else.

A history of abundance ~ 2 ~ 0 ~ Jul 2015

A brief tour of the imagining of abundance throughout history, from the Golden Age of the ancients to the P2P production of the current generation.

The ethics and politics of abundance ~ 6 ~ 0 ~ Jul 2015

While there is no “politics of abundance,” no theory of the State, there does exist the possibility of living in accordance with an ethic of abundance, an ethic that contributes to emancipation from scarcity and uncertainty.

The tortuous path towards abundance ~ 1 ~ 0 ~ Jul 2015

The path towards abundance is no longer a proposal or a utopian dream. It is a real path, an economic and social movement taking place in parallel to the decomposition of the old ways, and which offers us a new promise to overcome scarcity, war and collapse.

Abundance in the history of Art ~ 2 ~ 0 ~ Jul 2015

For many centuries, the most important thing in an artistic work wasn’t beauty but its message and functionality. So, it’s interesting to take a stroll through the representations of abundance through the history of Art.

Direct Economy and abundance ~ 2 ~ 0 ~ Ago 2015

The Direct Economy puts us in a world that goes far beyond collaborative consumption or SMEs empowered by technology: we’re talking about a world where production and community are joined and knowledge replaces capital.

Abundance in material culture ~ 2 ~ 0 ~ Ago 2015

Abundance in material culture means the possibility of rediscovering ourselves in the things that we use as well as finding ourselves and others in their production.

Abundance and P2P production ~ 2 ~ 0 ~ Ago 2015

The P2P mode of production is already opening the door to a society of abundance. You can stop being a consumer. You can stop being passive and letting the things you buy define your identity. You can switch sides… and produce.

From consumers to communards ~ 2 ~ 0 ~

The disappearance of the “consumer” in the new productive models drives a growing social space of productive networks and egalitarian oriented to abundance.

Pluriarchy, confederalism and abundance ~ 2 ~ 0 ~ Ago 2015

Pluriarchy and community confederalism are simultaneously the result of, and a guide to, the path towards abundance. They are forms of organizing that maximize the ability to evolve and survive of the social space opened by the new optimum of scale and the emergence of distributed networks. Both put the focus on the true center of this whole transformation: community.

The forker and progress ~ 1 ~ 14 ~ Ago 2015

Recovering the myth of progress is an urgent need. There’s no value or meaning in knowledge without it. It has no alternatives, because in its absence, only magical thinking and messianic politics grow. We need to reconquer time. We must once again raise the banner of progress.

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