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Six reasons you should spend a weekend in October in #Gijón, Spain

From October 6th to 13th in Gijón, we will be in open workshops with the leaders of free software, the architects of citizen change, great experts in catastrophes, pioneers the direct economy, clean energy networks, and banking revolutionaries.


  1. Mapa posición de bicicletasThe leaders of the Sharing Cities Network will share in participatory workshops how citizen change was built in cities like Seoul, Cleveland or Bologna.
  2. umeExperts from the UME will explain what social and physical infrastructure is most helpful for the resilience of cities when disasters occur, and will teach us to design services and infrastructures for resilience in what we do.
  3. gnusocialThe developers of GNU social will draw a roadmap of the distributed social web for you: objectives, new apps and plugins to strengthen sharing through collaborative consumption, integration with WordPress
  4. Kano KitBusinesses in the Direct Economy like Chufamix or Kano will teach you how to create a sustainable economic project (and will give us workshops on making horchata or teaching information science and electronics to children).
  5. rescoopThe leaders of the European network of energy cooperatives will tell us how to create community projects based on green energy and save money on your electric bill.
  6. The End of BankingThe author of “The End of Banking” will design an app to put an end to banks with us.

Interested? We’ll have all this and much more at Somero 2015. Reserve your place now!!

Translated by Steve Herrick from the original (in Spanish)

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