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The Anchovies become a club

The League of the Anchovy changes its statutes, name, and logo to become a tool for the network that was born over this last year.

AnĉovoligoA little more than a year ago, we took a radical turn: we refounded our life-long association, the Library of the Indies. With Juan Urrutia, Neal Gorenflo, Matt Scales, Antonin Leonard and other friends—all of them cutting-edge people and pioneers in collaborative consumption, the direct economy, P2P production, free software, etc.—we took a very Cantabrian myth, the birth of the anchovy, and convened our network to Gijón to ask ourselves how to reach “beyond the Sharing Economy” and turn all those ideas and explorations into real opportunities for growth.

We called it the “League of the Anchovy,” because we thought that it would develop, above all, as a way of working among groups to join resources and reach concrete accomplishments. Our main contribution at that time was to bring the development of Bazar towards the standard of distributed communication that the Free Software Foundation was promoting: the OStatus protocol and GNU-Social. Then la Matriz was born, and we develop its connection with blogs and promoted what, the day after tomorrow, Wednesday the seventh, will be the first “GNU-social Camp.”

club de las indiasThe result was not a league of groups, but an extraordinarily active network with a much richer conversation than anyone could have expected. It is a club facilitated by the Indianos that has not stayed at the talking stage, but rather, has already begun to produce innovation, giving it the form of code and initiatives.

The day after tomorrow, we will begin Somero 2015, the great convening of our network. We’re beginning a new year, and we want do it with a new skin that reflects change and growth.

logoabundanciacolorSo we members of “the League of the Anchovy” approved a change in statutes, allowing the members of the network to be integrated into the association and make it theirs. The name itself will reflect the change, becoming “Las Indias Club ~ The League of Abundance“; the main domain will be and will become a space that is self-managed by the network of members; Somero will officially become our annual conference, and the logo will go from being our dear traveling anchovy to a pomegranate about to burst with thousand seeds.

What better symbol we could have?

Translated by Steve Herrick from the original (in Spanish)

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