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atentado-tel-avivThose of you who know us, are aware that one of our ways to avoid media chauvinism is to maintain the discipline of reading headlines around the world every day. We have shared with some of you gigantic OPML files.

Among them there are always a couple of Israeli news feeds, which give us a different perspective. And often horrific. In example, during the last months not a single day passed without a murder with knives, even sometimes it remained in intent. Yesterday, the victim was a 19 year old girl who was doing her pratices as a policeman. She was killed by three in cold blood. Today Abu Mazen, visited the families of the murderers and called them “martyrs”, confirming what is hardly a secret: Arab nationalism is learning to make distributed war, terrorism without chains of command which intelligence cannot intercept to avoid attacks. All these assassination attempts and daily killings are part of a low cost terrorist strategy. Today, two Israeli Arabs girls aged 13, attacked a security guard with knives in a bus station. The age of the attackers speaks for itself the kind of distributed war we are talking about, it is not surprising that the Islamic State has joined the campaign: in this context is growing in support.

But most surprising is Europe’s treatment of this. Of course, rare are the news reports on the attacks from the perspective of the victims. Usually the victim seems be the murderers when they die because a policeman or soldier opens fire when they have cornered and are stabbing someone. This point of view is, in fact, official and merciless. And always seeks to demonstrate the ideas of “Israeli guilt” and “disproportionate use of force” in which Europe wants apparently pigeonhole Israel. Euronews interviewed yesterday the new Israeli ambassador to France and once more the questions turned out openly offensive in all this context.

The result is at best disheartening. Europe threatens to recognize the PA as a Palestinian state if Israel does not agrees to make an self-ethnic-cleaning and abandons cities and rural settlements which lie outside the pre-1967 border, Jerusalem included. But this point of view “unseens” something essential: if there is a State there needs to be a monopoly of violence and either it does not exist and therefore there are no conditions for a state or the PA is responsible for a constant indiscriminate terror and Europe cannot bless nor much less justify or award it with an unilateral recognition. In parallel, the evolution of Hamas gives increasingly fear and, given the recent investigations of the FBI and the DEA, it could easily had complete the transition from for parastate to narco-state. And it does not seem to contribute to peace in the world, does it?

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