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The most important battle of our lives

Our tenth anniversary didn’t have any parties. They were terrible days, and we were only able to emerge from them thanks to the fraternity of our friends and teachers, and to the professionalism of the best doctors. More days of intense battle are coming, and we must not fail. We won’t. We were born to fight. And to change crooked paths.

With Teresa in KortezubiThe last two weeks have been very difficult. It seems impossible now that only fourteen days have gone by. The whole story of how we got here is a landscape detailed by how decomposition haunts excessive scales. Suffice it to say that fourteen days ago, Nat got the results of a test she’d been asking her gynecologist to do for ten months. The result was positive. They gave us the news in the X-ray room in the Madrid Hospital, delivering it poorly and in just two minutes, telling us nothing more than to wait four days in Madrid for a doctor to explain to us what was happening.

Obviously, we didn’t wait. We took a plane while the “Indianos” moved all our things to Bilbao. There, together with Teresa, a guardian angel and joy to our relatives and friends, a master doctor, Ciriaco Aguirre, calmed us down and gave us some orientation. New plane. Barcelona. Dr Javier Cortés and team. A marvel, security, sensibility, professionalism. The heavens opened. But also a problem: in Madrid, they hadn’t done the complete diagnosis. To save money. And time was running out, because without typing, treatment couldn’t be chosen. There, the Cortés team took the reins. In record time, they got the samples from Madrid, analyzed them in Barcelona and organized with another excellent doctor in Bilbao, Doctor Ricardo Fernández, so that, with visits and monitoring in Barcelona, Nat could continue treatment at home, in Bilbao.

Raising the flag in BilbaoTomorrow, Nat starts chemo. We’re sure she’ll fight and win. We have guidance from the best doctors and teams. We’re not forgetting that without the help from all around us, without having left Madrid to find them, we would be in a far more uncertain situation. We felt like the Madrid we left was a terrain made of sugar that was crumbling under our feet. An Ubik where the social fractures, the collapse of scales and decomposition, which are brutal when they affect the values of work and service to others, are not at all virtual.

Nat now begins a tremendous battle. So far, she’s faced it with as much heroism, serenity and integrity as we have with fear. Physical, sustained fear, the kind that tightens your pores and your guts. Fear like we’ve never suffered before. Never. Now, we’re moving ahead, like always, with Nat. To join the battle and win it. From the computer, the meeting room, or the kitchen. Because today, our front line is caring for her, but also changing the course of things in the world. We can’t accept things being this way, as if decomposition was a meteorological phenomenon. We’re going to continue building, forming teams, opening up worlds with those who teach us and share with us and know how to bet bravely. We feel like we’re in the right place, with people who are worthwhile, with new “Indianos” alongside whom we will battle, shoulder to shoulder, day to day.

And we’ll do it. We were born to fight. And to straighten crooked paths.

NatTranslated by Steve Herrick from the original (in Spanish)

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