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The School of Sharing Economics and Theory of the Commons: a new phase

A brief introductory report for a summary presentation the ideas born of the debate on theoretical research and the generation of a structure of learning in P2P

The debate in recent months about the system of research and learning in the P2P mode of production has been marvelously fruitful. We’ve reached an invaluable clarity of ideas in the conversation between blogs with Jorge, Javier, Ester, Juanma y Juanjo and also thanks to the numerous contributions in the comments. This clarity is also due in no small part to our own internal debate interno and the contributions of our Dogo.

We Indianos think that this vision is a genuine treasure that must materialize to really contribute. Now it’s time to find global P2P leaders prepared to lead and give relevance to these ideas by making them into a concrete project, a step that must precede finding sources for its sustainability.

The first step is to explain in simple terms the results of our conversation. To do this, we’ve created this small report you can download in PDF format or preview below. The next step — if all goes well — will be an in-person meeting in a few months with the people who have contributed, global figures in the area of P2P research who are uniting to advance it, and social and academic leaders who are about to spell out the sustainable development of the project.

Translated by Steve Herrick of from the original (in Spanish)

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