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The system of intellectual production of the P2P mode of production

A simple schematic of the system of intellectual production in the P2P mode of production with the role of each kind of group, its production and the relationships between them.

P2P mode of intellectual production
Color key:
dark blue, institutions of the commons; dark red: digital commons; light blue: local groups

The debate over these last weeks is beginning to gel into a general model of the system of intellectual production charcteristic of the P2P mode of production. The key ideas that we have been distilling are:

  • The P2P mode of production ovecomes the division between doing and knowing that characterizes the currently hegemonic system. Project development communities (OSE, WikiSpeed, Mozilla, etc.) generate both “products” and the research and innovation associated with them.
  • “Schools of the Commons,” including our much-anticipated “School of Economics of the Commons,” would make sense as facilitators of free research on general social theory and basic scientific research. They would not offer training or degrees, but they would generate pedgaogical materials of all kinds by themselves or with the help of specialized work groups.
  • The local learning groups would use these materials, as well as those developed by the development communities, to become, hand in hand with the local production groups, facilitators of local P2P culture everywhere, by building the structure that would facilitate access to pedgaogical materials and tutors for those who would like to learn.

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