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What replaces the University in the P2P mode of production?

How do we build an alternative based on the P2P mode of teaching that really satisfies today’s social needs?

For years, we’ve been thinking of alternatives to the teaching system that are based on P2P. Recurring debates with those around us have provided us with some important reference material on the “deschooling” of society, and initiatives like P2PU have served as an inspiration for our itineraries, courses and webinars.

But, how do we build an alternative based on the P2P mode of teaching that really satisfies today’s social needs?

How do we make a P2P training center? ~ Javier Jiménez

  • a) a center of resources and documentation where people can access OpenCourseWare-type courses designed (and released) by large academic institutions or by experts expressly for our center
  • b) a place of support and follow-up where quality tutors answer questions, comment on ideas, and expand sources, and…
  • c) a space for socialization that seeks out the presence of experts from throughout the world through talks, conferences, and seminars.

A center like this wouldn’t just modify processes and methodology, it would transform the values ​​and objectives of teaching. Jorge Jiménez, a professor at the European University Europea and author of The Hacker against the Zombie University, sums it up clearly:

Hacker learning ~ Jorge Jiménez

  • Objectives of the learning process
    • Knowledge, the goal of the process, is obtained by relating information to provide it with a narration that gives it meaning and is evaluated by the works the learner produces.
    • Knowledge is accumulated by successive generations, and therefore, has no owner. Intellectual works should be returned to the commons.
    • Learning happend in and for the real community.
  • Values of teaching under the P2P mode of production
  • Methodology
    • Learning has to be fun, although the process implies effort, and being focused on a challenge.
    • The goal is meet the challenge in the simplest way.
    • The responsibility for the learning process falls on the learner.

Translated by Steve Herrick of from the original (in Spanish)

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